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School environment

In keeping with the integral student focused education that Colegio Americano offers and fosters in its students, a variety of academic, cultural, and recreational trips and events are organized throughout the school year.  They are planned with the objective of reinforcing knowledge and values acquired in the classroom which can be applied to daily life.
Trips are organized to the following cities in Mexico: Palenque, Comalcalco, Yumká and Museo de la Venta (Villahermosa), Kolemjaá, San Cristobal, Guanajuato, guided tours of universities (Mérida, Puebla, Guadalajara, D.F. y Monterrey).
In school events:  Miss. Independence, International Day of Peace, Beach Boy, Student`s Day, Valentine`s Day, All Saint`s Day, Halloween, The Voice CAT, Mini Olympics, Culinary Demonstration, Mother`s Day, workshops and conferences for parents, Book Fair, Science Fair, Taco Fair
The Taco Fair is a unifying multidisciplinary project in which skills and concepts gained in sixth semester courses are applied in developing competences that lead students to planning and establishing a small business.